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Does the Asian Squat Burn Calories?🤔 (Answered!)

The Asian squat, also known as the deep squat, or the deep squat, has long been a customary posture utilized in many Asian cultures as a means of performing everyday tasks and obtaining rest.

Now there is no surprise that the Asian squat has gained a tone of traction in recent years because of its various health benefits has gained much traction in recent years, despite its other benefits (such as improving flexibility, mobility, and good mental health.) a contentious issue surrounding the Asian squat’s potential to burn calories frequently arises, so in this article we will delve into this topic, so stick around.

But first things first, for those who don’t know what the Asian squat is, a quick summary

What Is the Asian Squat?

The Asian squat is a natural resting position that is used by many people in Asia. The Asian squat holds cultural significance dating back hundreds of years. 

Asian Man sitting in an Asian squat
Asian Man sitting in an Asian squat

Doing an Asian squat requires the thighs to be parallel to the shins, and the feet to be resting flat on the floor.

The benefits of the Asian squat are many, ranging from improved mobility, flexibility, increased hip and ankle range of motion, and improved posture to improved cognitive health and digestion.

Regular performance of this squat can also help alleviate knee pain by strengthening the muscles around the knee joint.

The best way to understand or answer the question ”Does the Asian squat burn calories?” would be to understand two things, first, what an Asian squat is, and second, when our body burns calories. So far, we have understood what an Asian squat is.

Let’s now see when our body burns calories, if we understand that only then would we be able to answer the question of whether or not the Asian squat burns calories.

What Is a Calorie, and How Do We Burn Calories?

In the simplest words, a calorie is a measure of energy. Hmm… energy, So why do we bother about burning calories in the first place, you might ask, Do we want to be drained?

burger image represents high calorie food

Most people want to burn their calories because the extra calories in the body are converted into fat molecules, which make us look fat and obese.

We would try to explain it in the simplest and easiest way when we eat food our body breakdown the food into small molecules which are cut into glucose which is hired by our body cells for doing its functions and keeping us alive 

Here’s the deal, as we exercise, our body requires more energy and in order to satisfy this rising energy requirement, our body burns more calories. So basically calories are a measure of energy that comes from the food that we eat and is waned when we work out, exercise, or do chores.

Simply put this way—more calories will be burned if the intensity of the exercise is higher.

Does the Asian Squat Burn Calories? (Answered!)

As we said earlier, the Asian squat is more of a resting position, and while it can engage several muscles, it is not a significant calorie-burning exercise on its own because it is not as vigorous and doesn’t have high energy requirements.

Asian squat doesn’t burn a considerable amount of calories since there is no intense or vigorous motion in this exercise.

So, is doing an Asian squat worthless? No, absolutely, it’s not worthless just because the Asian squat is not a significant calorie-burning exercise on its own does not mean that it is not beneficial for overall health,  health benefits of the Asian squat can range from improved flexibility, mobility, and posture, improvement in joint health, improved brain health, improved focus, balance improvement, improved digestion, to a reduction in the risk of injury.

This wholesome list of benefits makes the Asian squat a great addition to any exercise routine.


Wrapping things up, the answer to the question “Does the Asian Squat Burn Calories?” is No, despite having a number of proven benefits for your health, the Asian Squat is not proven as a useful exercise for burning calories and losing weight as other exercises like running, jumping, jump squats, etc.

Regular practice of the Asian squat can improve flexibility, mobility, and posture, and reduce the risk of injury.

While it may not be the best exercise for burning calories, the Asian squat is still a valuable addition to any exercise routine. But if you’re looking to burn more calories specifically consider incorporating cardio and strength training in your workouts, you still can and should add the Asian squat into your workouts for improved flexibility and range of motion. See a wholesome list of Asian squat benefits .

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